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Eipic shoot continues in Woodford, Galway

30 July 2015

Eipic shoot continues in Woodford, Galway

Filming continues on Magamedia's new teen comedy drama Eipic:

When misunderstood Sully is blamed for a crime he didn’t commit he vows to leave his town of DOBHAR, with all its grim begrudgery, far behind him. A mysterious online friend, known only as REBELSOUND – who appears to Sully in their virtual chat-room looking remarkably like Michael Collins – sends Sully a link to a music video competition the painfully trendy music site SLUASAID is running. Could this be Sully’s ticket out of here? So he assembles a band – MONA, BEA, OISIN and AODH. But in a modern Ireland the adults of Dobhar have bigger worries than providing facilities for some kids larking about on YouTube. I mean, surely it’s better to spend the money on morale-boosting shrubbery for the town? Undeterred, the gang break into an abandoned local Post Office, their base of operations and their one beacon of hope as they start a musical revolution. This is the story of how Sully & Co. rose up and did it for themselves!


EIPIC is a bold story about escape, empowerment and what it means to be a teenage “hero” in contemporary Ireland set to an eclectic modern soundtrack and all against the backdrop of the 1916 centenary celebrations. It’s a creative show of defiance that blends inventive Irish covers of popular songs and a teen drama imbued with a deep social-realism. In a time where everyone is only a few hundred thousand clicks away from going viral, a new breed of rural Irish exist in a heady mix of the real and the virtual, the provincial and the global. EIPIC is a timely story about a gang of teenagers who rise up against the oppression of the past and hopelessness with creativity and optimism. This is a very literal teenage rebellion.

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